The Cryotherapy Process

What’s involved in a Cryotherapy session? Less than you think. Cryotherapy is, by design, simple and fast, kickstarting your body into feeling better faster instead of attempting to heal through long, drawn-out sessions.


Create an account online. Fill out one of our waivers and schedule your appointment. Don’t have time? We’re happy to help you create your account upon your arrival.

Cryotherapy Preparation

One of our staff members will escort you to the whole-body cryotherapy treatment room. You will remove all of your outer garments and jewelry before putting on DRY gloves, socks and booties that will be provided by Cryotherapy West Roxbury. All body lotion and sweat must be removed using one of our moisture stripping wipes. Face make-up may remain. 

Begin Your Session

Once you are ready, step into the cryosauna and ring the bell to alert our staff members that you are ready to begin your session. 

Inside the Cryosauna

During your two to three minute session, the cryosauna fills with a nitrogen mist and is cooled to your personal preference. This can range between -130F and -184F, creating a consistent, ambient temperature during your session. Our certified staff member remains in the treatment room and monitors your entire session in the cryosauna. 

Feel Amazing

Once your session ends, the staff member will leave the room and you will change back into your clothes while beginning to feel the wonderful benefits from your cryotherapy treatment. On your way out, grab one of our complimentary water bottles and remember to stay hydrated! 

cryobostonCryotherapy Process